About us

The rational mind of Fingertips ASBL, Shaun Motiani is very much a creative thinker, especially in the realm of finance. Bursting with investment ideas and carrying two master’s degrees in his pocket (one in aerospace engineering and one in music), Shaun is co-owner of Motiani SARL. Besides his work at Fingertips ASBL, Shaun works at Nyuko.

A passionate photographer and autodidact in design, Chiahu Lee (also known as Chia-Chia) is foremost a classical pianist living (between Manchester and Luxembourg) in her ideals, believing that art is the essence of all education and that anyone should have free access to it. Grateful and fascinated by the privilege of making and sharing music, the exchange between performer and audience, Chiahu greatly enjoys her work as Fingertips’ artistic director.

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Photo by Ruta Skudraite