Our first (visual art) project over- (pacific) seas!

’52’ is a project that lasted exactly one year. At the beginning of each week, the three photographers were given the same word and had exactly one week to capture this word.

52 weeks is a very long time, but also a very short one. While each picture essentially is the interpretation or representation of the given word, the inspiration or even the ambition for each week can vary extremely -among many other factors.

The exhibition celebrated the end of the project and summarises a year in the life of three different people, in three different locations, in three different time zones, in 156 pictures -connected through this one experience.

All prints were be for sale. The money collected (…) was donated to typhoon victims in Taiwan (Lan An Cultural and Educationel Foundation). If you could not attend the event and still wish to donate to the cause, you can make a donation via our website with the mention ’52’.

01.11.16 – 31.12.16 | No.62, Xinxing Rd., Yuanli Township, Miaoli County, Taiwan